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Dirt Trackers Kart Club

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Interested in Racing

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How do I get Started?

How do I join and start racing?


      Complete a Membership Application for an AIDKA affiliated dirt karting club such as DTKC

      Complete an application form for the Australian Independent Dirt Kart Association (AIDKA) to gain a licence.

      Upon completion of both forms you will be issued with a kart number and a licence, this will take approximately 3 weeks to be processed by AIDKA.



How much will it cost?


      Dirt karting is one of the cheapest forms of Motorsport.

      2006 DTKC racing membership fees are Junior (7-13) $45, Student $50, Senior (16yrs and over) $70

      2006 AIDKA racing membership fees are Junior (7-13) $75, Student $75, Senior (16yrs and over) $150

      All licensed drivers must obtain their own ambulance cover prior to the licence being issued

      DTKC Club Day nomination fees are Rookies $15, Juniors $20, Seniors $25




What will I need?


      A kart – seek advice to know if it will meet the current AIDKA specifications

      A motor – to suit the class you wish to compete in

      Racewear – racesuit, helmet, gloves, enclosed shoes and a neckbrace




Novice (New) Drivers


      All new drivers are required to complete three meetings at the rear of field to the satisfaction of stewards and have their licence signed at the end of each meeting before a full licence will be issued.

      For the first three meeting new drivers are required to run a p-plate on the rear of the kart.

      Once a full licence is received the driver is able to compete in the field.


Contact the Licensing Secretary:
Ann Retallack           08 95817383


Forms can be printed from our "Forms" link

Thanks for visiting our site!

375 Boomerang Road, Oldbury WA 6121